Answer Your Powertrain Warranty Questions in Preston, ID Here!

Q. What vehicles have lifetime warranty?

A. Most vehicles that are 9 years old or under with under 85000 miles. 

Q. What vehicles are excluded?

A. Dual rear wheeled trucks, anything over a 1 ton truck, modified vehicles, vehicles used strictly for commercial purposes. (see dealer for additional details)

Q. What is required to keep my lifetime warranty from being canceled?

A. Basic factory recommended maintenance. Oil changes, and tire rotations must be done at a minimum of at least every 10,000 miles.

Q. Can I do my own maintenance?

A. Yes, anyone can do the maintenance as long as you have documentation in the event a claim is filed that documentation may be required.

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Q. Do I have to get pre authorization do my own maintenance?

A. No

Q. Who can do my warranty work?

A. While West Motor would love to be your preferred choice any reputable service shop and ASE certified mechanic can do the work.

Q. What exactly on the powertrain is covered?

A. Engine- all internally lubricated parts. Transmission/ Transfer Cases- all internally lubricated parts. Drive axle- all internally lubricated parts. See dealer for full details.

Q. Can I get the rest of my vehicle covered for a lifetime?

A. Yes, these same vehicles are eligible to have a lifetime wrap service contract that covers almost every mechanical item on your vehicle. This service contract comes at an additional charge.

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