At West Motor Company Inc, our state-of-the-art service center is equipped and ready to take care of all your Dodge oil changes near Logan, Utah. One one of the easiest ways you can give your Dodge vehicle the care and attention it deserves, not to mention keep it running strong for miles to come, is to stay up to date on regular oil changes and oil filter swaps. New engine oil and a new oil filter should happen roughly every 3-5K miles, but why? Engine oil is almost entirely responsible for keeping all the working parts of your engine operating efficiently and smoothly. It's also a key player in heat dissipation or, in other words, keeping your engine cool when it's hard at work. When engine oil breaks down and begins to thicken, its ability to dissipate heat and lubricate decreases drastically. If you go too long between oil changes, the working parts of your engine start to slow down and, eventually, stop altogether.

Whether you want to swing by unannounced and take advantage of our Mopar Express Lane, or you're ready to leave your Dodge car or SUV with our certified Dodge mechanics for some much needed Dodge repairs, the choice is yours at West Motor Company Inc. With our Mopar Express Lane, you can take care of a quick oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, or other Dodge maintenance, all with no appointment necessary. For everything else, including more complex Dodge repairs, our fully equipped service center has you covered. Why choose us for all your Dodge oil changes near Logan, UT? Our factory trained mechanics are highly skilled when it comes to the Dodge family of vehicles, and we always use premium engine oil and genuine Mopar oil filters on every job. We also offer convenient drop-off and shuttle services, as well as rental vehicles, meaning you don't ever have to skip a beat while taking care of important Dodge maintenance.

Need a fluid top-off, wiper blade replacement, engine tune-up, or other Dodge service or repair taken care of? Our Dodge service center near Logan, UT is the place to go. Have more questions about why regular Dodge oil change services are important? Give the service center a call at West Motor Company Inc and speak with one of our experienced professionals today.

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