Go Farther with a Trail Rated® Jeep

Naturally, you are bound to run into an obstacle if you are one who likes to take the road less traveled. Your trials might range anywhere from unruly terrain to running streams. That's why you should choose a vehicle that can endure these kinds of complications—and what brand is better known for adventure than Jeep?

At West Motor Company, we are huge fans of the Jeep lineup. The selection is diverse and includes an entire spectrum of SUVs spanning from the gutsy Wrangler Unlimited to the comfy Grand Cherokee. However, despite their subtle differences, each one is made Trail Rated® tough. What does that mean? Why, that every model is equipped so that they have the capabilities and the endurance to go farther! Traction, water fording, and maneuverability, not to mention, articulation and ground clearance too—built with these categories in mind, you can count on a Jeep to brave through just about any situation on the road. As you can imagine, confidence is a likely side-effect.

If adventure is in your spirit, then consider driving Jeep. Find your match by visiting our dealership in Preston, Idaho, today!

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