Be Daring and Drive a Mighty Dodge

Founded upon the spirit of the Dodge Brothers, the entire Dodge lineup has something special to offer. The collection will appeal to just about any kind of driver because there are many options to consider including sedans, sports cars, and sports utility vehicles! Drive Dodge and you will always enjoy an engaging experience wherever you roam.

Within the Dodge selection, you will find an array of models waiting for you. Drivers looking for an affordable option without compromising performance should take a look at the Dodge Dart. Practical in style but ferocious in personality, this sedan makes a great entry-level choice. Want to take your whole family along with you on the ride? Then you might want to turn your attention to either the Dodge Durango or the Dodge Journey instead. These SUVs are not only versatile in terms of space but continue to pump out ample power as well. Otherwise, if you want to stand out, then a more athletic variant like the Dodge Charger might be a better fit for you. Aggressive both in appearance and abilities, this beast leaves a lasting impression.

With Dodge, you have an extensive list of choices. Interested to see which one suits you best? Then make a stop at West Motor Company the next time you are in the area so you can take one of our Dodge models out for a ride!

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